When we have another baby I am for sure going to make my own burp cloths.

Baby burp cloths can also be made from flannel or terry cloth. I love these burp cloths and have made quite a few.

I made these cute burp cloths for a baby shower. To Package your Bibs and Burp Cloths, simply roll the bibs and place ontop of the burp cloths. We did something very similar to this tutorial for the burp cloths infinity scarf nursing cover.

Razzle Baby Burp Cloths are gift ready and perfect for any baby. Sew baby burp cloths with this collection of over forty free baby burp cloth patterns gathered from all over the web. The baby girls’ marketplace is full of bibs and burp cloths.

Learn to make the easiest burp cloth EVER with this 10 Minute Burp Cloth Tutorial.

Razzle Baby – Retail Outlet carries a beautiful assortment of baby accessories and baby supplies including baby bibs and baby blankets, softies and burp cloths. These burp cloths for babies are the perfect new baby shower gift.

This is a tutorial for making the best burp cloths EVER!

Click here to see our selection of Baby Burp Cloths. The choice of whether to have baby burp cloths and bibs as separate items or combined into one is as individual as babies are. Baby burp cloth cupcake tutorial – how cute are these!

Have you used any of the above mentioned burp cloths for your baby yet? I want to teach you how I make my Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths.

There are even burp cloths that are contoured especially for should burping. And I’m glad to know you might be able to put this tutorial to good use and create some burp cloths for your niece’s baby boy. We carry a full selection of baby bibs, from bandana bibs to disposable bibs, wipe clean bibs to baby bibs with pockets, drooler bibs, and bib and burp  newborn bibs cloth sets.

I will be making LOTS of burp cloths and these are just too cute!

Will definitely try some flannel during my next round of burp cloths. Thankfully for all the parents out there, we offer a selection of baby bibs and burp cloths to attempt to contain a wee bit of all that baby mess.

I have more burp cloths than I can even count. The cute cupcake design that adorns the burp cloths draws the baby’s eye, and the burp cloths work well as a baby shower gift.

This burp cloth is the perfect gift for that sweet little baby or perfect for your own little bundle. I’ve always made my burp cloths and bibs out of flannel (2 layers) but for some reason buyers want cotton.

A baby burp cloth will make burping easier by containing some of the mess. Having a baby is expensive, but making your own burp cloths is a great way to cut costs. I just made six of these darling burp cloths and am going out to buy more fabric.

Newborns spit up all the time, nursing cover scarf so when you’re burping your baby — or even just carrying them on your shoulder — you’ll want a burp cloth to protect your top. Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths Part 1 – I so need to make these! I made some organic burp cloths out of cloth diapers where I put fabric in the center of the diaper.